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pesticides against Varroa mites are the solution of the past


It consists of a wooden frame,  formerly made of wood...

... several tubes and three struts, formerly punched from polypropylene sheets.

The tubes are held together by the struts.

The gaps between the tubes are 3.5 mm;

bees cannot pass through them.

The illustrated hive is fitted with alternate frames only,

enabling us to see how each tube is located

exactly underneath a brood frame.

Hive waste as well as Varroa mites fall through

the funnels shaped openings

and can be examined under the hive.

At a height of about 8 mm, the entrance needs no further widening in Spring.

Robbing is thus practically eliminated in Summer.

The hive should be set about 20 cm

above the ground.

The gaps between the tubes provide for an

efficient circulation of air within the hive.