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pesticides against Varroa mites are the solution of the past

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The HAPPYKEEPER bottom-board comes in a variety of formats, for the mini-hive Dadant 5 frames up to the Dadant 12 frames, as well as the National Bee Hive, the Warré, Voirnot or Lusitania hives.

Discover throughout the following pages  :

The history of the tubes bottom-board;

Its characteristics;

The experiments made in Toulouse and Vesoul;

The benefits it provides.

And Happykeeper also sells :

Propolis kits as side brood frame or top board, which allow you to harvest much more than crumbs !

The Similitubes sheet that allows to renovate the old plates of sedentary apiaries and brings the same benefits that the regular tubes bottom board.

All the information to order are on the Prices page.