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pesticides against Varroa mites are the solution of the past


The bottom plastic sheet SIMILITUBES which is made of rigid plastic, mainly reproduces the shape and the openings of the tubes bottom board. It brings the same benefits.

It was originally designed to facilitate and lower the price of the new Happykeeper pollen trap. Unfortunately, manufacturing problems have resulted in bees being able to pass through some openings when the hive is closed or the pollen trap is in service. However, it is perfectly suitable for a sedentary apiary where you don’t have to close the entrances. 

The sheet SIMILITUBES is very easy to set up: just take an old bottom board, remove the centre part to keep only the frame, then lay the plastic sheet down on it. This is a very cheap way to renovate a bottom boards while taking advantage of the valuable benefits of the tube board.

The size of the sheet SIMILITUBES is that of the Dadant 10f bottom board. It can, however, be used on a 12-frame board provided a 3.5 cm wide batten is fasten on each side. However, it cannot be used on smaller bottom boards.